ISSF World Championships in Granada

Steyr news
The ISSF World Championships in Granada ended a few days ago. Our Service team is back already and brought sensational results with them.
Above all, JIN Jongoh at the AP60-Competition, who showed once again that he is the best shooter in the world. But persecutors Dikec Yusuf and Vladimir Gontachaorv where hot on the heels and so the competition was exciting until the last shot.
All 3 medals go to STEYR-shooters:
Gold: JIN Jongoh, KOR (STEYR LP 10 E)
Silver: Dikec Yusuf, TUR (STEYR LP 10)
Bronze: Vladimir Gontcharov, RUS (STEYR LP 10)
The two Chinese shooters Pu Qifeng and PANG Wei complete the perfect result and finished at 4 and 5, both with a STEYR
LP 10 E.
Also the result of the Men Junior competition shows who is the Number 1 at the Air pistols. All medals were gained by STEYR-Shooters:
Gold: Alexander Kindig, GER (STEYR LP 10)
Silver: CHOE Boram, KOR (STEYR LP 10 E)
Bronze: Lauris Strautmanis, LAT (STEYR LP 10)

Team-Gold in the air pistol competition of the Women (SRB: SEKARIC Jasna, VELICKOVIC Bobana, ARUNOVIC Zorana) as well as the Men (CHN: PANG Wei, PU Qifeng, WANG Zhiwei) also were gained by STEYR-Shooters.

Also at the Women’s competition we welcome top results:
Olena Kostevych, UKR (STEYR LP 10), won the Silver medal
at the AP40 competition, Anna Korakaki, GRE, (STEYR LP 10)
is happy about the Bronze medal at the Women’s Junior competition.
Read more about the successful STEYR air pistols LP 10 and
LP 10 E on our website
The successful air rifle STEYR Challenge E had also some top finishes: The Russian Air Rifle Team gained Silver, among with Sergey Kruglov and Denis Sokolov 2 of 3 shooters with STEYR Challenge E in competition.
Lukasz Czapla, POL, missed with a 4th and a 5th place a medal just barely.
After Sergey Kruglov, RUS, also very nearly missed the chance for a medal with his 4th place at the AR60 competition, the Silver medalist of the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing Hrachik Babayan, ARM, gained again Silver at the Junior competition.
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Last but not least we are very happy about the outstanding results of the Armenian Youth Running-Target-Team. Lilit Mkrtchyan gained Silver at the Women Junior competition, Razmik Minasyan Bronze at the competition of  the Men Junior, both with their STEYR LG 110 Running Target rifle.
Congratulations to all STEYR-shooters who already booked their „Ticket to Rio“!
With best regards
your team