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Steyr Druckbehälter für Luftpistole Pascale S. Perfect
Perfect cylinder for replacement or additional breath.
5 05.05.2019
Steyr Pistolenkoffer klein für alle Luftpistolen Pascale S. Perfect
Perfect to replace a case with damaged foam, or if you buy an used steyr air pistol and want to get the original box for it, great quality.
5 05.05.2019
ahg-Modell SUPER GRIP Pascale S. Good
Hight quality material, good color setting, one of the cheapest glove with long finger, perfect.
5 05.05.2019
ahg-TRIGGER Pascale S. Mitiged
Not really helpfull for black powder weapons, because it is hard to manipulate the caps with only two finger, i originaly bought the glove for shooting in exterior when the weather is extremly cold to prevent the fingers from getting too rigid. While in interior i dont think it is usefull because you dont really need a glove for this hand and you cant get a good sensation of the grip with a glove. Overall i think it is pretty expensive and not really necessary.
3 05.05.2019
Anschütz Abzugszüngel Match Pascale S. Basic
Most basic trigger, perfect to replace a missing trigger, or to equip shooting school air rifles, Anschutz quality on a budget.
4 05.05.2019
Schießbrille Varga 3000 João L. Shooting glasses Varga 3000 23 mm
Item as described, very good quality. Fast shipping. Top seller
5 03.05.2019
Gehmann Iris-Ringkorn freistehend Pascale S. Awesome !
This foresight iris is perfect to be able to adjust the size without carrying severals blades, it is also quicker to adjust the size. This one is perfect because it is just a ring so the line that you get with metal blades wont bother your sighting. Great quality and finition.
5 05.05.2019
RWS DIABOLO BASIC 4,5 mm Pascale S. Cheap
Most affordable pellets, german quality, perfect for training, club and shooting school.
5 05.05.2019
ahg-Bekleidungsrucksack Pascale S. Hands free !
This bag is perfect to carry your pants, jacket, boots, gloves and others shooting clothes and let both your hands free to carry your weapons. Good looking and quality.
5 05.05.2019
Thune X.9 Socken Pascale S. Great
Thune X9 underwear are the perfect fit, it look really good and offer the perfect comfort under shooting clothes. It is more stretch than gehmann underwear and the material stick closer to the body, so it wont get damaged by the velcro attach of the shooting pants. Perfect and at a low price.
5 05.05.2019